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Canvas Tarps

Our Rustic Tan Canvas Tarps are made from a High Quality duck filled cotton canvas. They are treated with either a Waterproof or Fire Resistant coating & are ideal for a variety of outdoor applications. We custom manufacture according to the size you require.

A few notes about Canvas Tarps:

  • Heavier than a poly tarp
  • With proper maintenance and storage, canvas tarps can last longer than poly tarps
  • Breathable covers and ideal for construction sites and other building projects
  • Recommended for outdoor use because they can stain indoor items and furniture
  • Strong odor
  • Shouldn’t be used for cars and boats
  • Treated with dye and water repellent wax which will stain the surface of your property
  • Cannot be used to cover roofs because they can only hold a certain amount of water, and once it reaches its saturation point, the water will leak
  • Ideal to be used as a water resistant protective covering while allowing the cover to breath (to prevent condensation and mold growth)

Key Features:

  • 17oz (original canvas was 10oz before treatment)
  • Choose between our Tan-coloured Fire Retardant Treated Canvas Tarp or our also Tan-coloured Waterproof Canvas Tarp
  • Seatbelt Webbing all around & Grommets every 24
  • Rolls are 61″ x 300 feet, and stitched together if a larger size is needed
  • We custom manufacture according to the size you require