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Clear Tarps

Our Clear PVC Vinyl can be used to make Clear Vinyl Tarps or any combination of Clear & 18oz Colored Vinyl Covers, making them very popular for Outdoor Enclosures, Warehouse Partitions, Patio & Porch Covers or any other Custom Application you can think of.

Our Clear Vinyl Tarps are manufactured locally to your size specification. All seams are heat sealed for a smooth look & finish.

The clear vinyl material comes in 54″ widths, so welded seams will be required for widths wider than 50″ (allowing for a 2″ hem on each side). Clear tarps are not as durable as solid vinyl tarps. Clear tarps don’t have the a polyester scrim layer on the inside, which provides a lot of the strength on the solid vinyl tarps. So clear tarps are easier to tear or wear out, compared to the solid vinyl tarps. If you would like to strengthen your clear tarp, we recommend using our reinforced clear material.

Our clear tarps are rated for cold crack protection down to -23 degrees °C (-10 °F). While they can handle cold conditions, they should not be used in extreme cold climates, or else it may crack. If clear tarps are folded and kept outside, we recommend that you bring it inside to warm up before unfolding them.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • UV protection
  • Fire Resistant
  • Waterproof, Rot and mildew resistant
  • Heat Sealed Seams with Web Hems all around & Grommets
  • Oil, Grease & acid resistant
  • Scratch & tear resistant
  • 20 Gauge Clear Vinyl
  • 14Mil FR Welding Curtains Also Available