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Clear Vinyl Covers

We custom manufacture clear covers & side panels using a combination of 18oz Heavy Duty Vinyl & 20 gauge Clear Vinyl.

We can also add velcro & zippers according to your specific requirements.

  • The velcro is added to join the curtains where they meet, so it looks like one continuous curtain, which also is better weatherproofing.
  • Zippers are often added to create an access door, which can be rolled up and kept in place with velcro.

More Product Information:

  • UV and FR Resistant
  • Great for Indoor Applications
  • Our clear tarps are rated for cold crack protection down to -23 degrees °C (-10 °F). While they can handle cold conditions, they should not be used in extreme cold climates, or else it may crack. If clear tarps are folded and kept outside, we recommend that you bring it inside to warm up before unfolding them.