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Greenhouse Poly

At Midland we carry a large selection of Greenhouse Poly sizes, from 20ft x 50ft for the small backyard Greenhouse to the larger Greenhouses @ 48ft x 150ft & everything in between. We trust & distribute Canadian made Greenhouse film because of its superior quality (7 Layer Film Technology) & proven performance. We distribute two different kinds of Greenhouse Poly: SUPER4 and THERMAX. Typically if you need a single layer of Greenhouse Poly, you will use SUPER4. If you need a double layer, then you will use SUPER4 on the top and THERMAX on the bottom. Some growers will use a double layer is they don’t want any condensation falling on their seedlings and want a higher temperature.

SUPER4 – The Durability and Toughness You Need.

Dura-Film® Super4™ is a super clear, super tough, long-life product, guaranteed to provide you with the best value in a 6-mil, 4-year greenhouse film.


  • Outstanding light transmission, haze, and clarity ratings help optimize greenhouse yield.
  • A unique manufacturing process results in a Greenhouse Poly with superior tear strength & high strength at folds means higher resistance to punctures.
  • Advanced UV protection.

List of Stock Sizes:

  • 20′ x 100′, 24′ x 100′, 32′ x 100′ = Thermax
  • 14′ x 100′, 16′ x 100′, 20′ x 50′, = Super 4
  • 20′ x 100′, 24′ x 100′, 32′ x 100′ = Super 4
  • 32′ x 110′, 32′ x 120′, 32′ x 150′ = Super 4
  • 40′ x 100, 40′ x 150′, 42′ x 100′, 42 x 150′ = Super 4
  • 48′ x 150′, 50′ x 100′ = Super 4

Custom sizes can also be ordered in the Super4 & Thermax.

THERMAX – Durability Plus Condensation Control.

Thermax™Dura-Film  combines outstanding thermal qualities and exceptional condensation control in one revolutionary, diffused greenhouse film. Thermax is also guaranteed to withstand 4 years of UV exposure under normal circumstances.


  • Outstanding thermal properties keep the heat in by reducing radiant heat loss. Heaters cycle less often and consume less energy to maintain a set temperature, a combination that offers potential energy savings of 15-20%.
  • Directional condensation control, controls drips & maintains light transmission & enhances thermal benefit.
  • Diffused light reaches plants from many different angles, optimizing light distribution in all parts of the greenhouse. Diffusion helps protect plants from sunburn. Light is even, not intense.
  • Increased film stiffness makes the film easier to install in greenhouse applications.
  • Research shows that a properly inflated double poly-covered greenhouse can save the grower over 40% in heating costs compared to a single layer of glazing. What is less well known is that using a thermal film as one of the layers can result in an additional 15-20% heating cost saving.