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Woven Groundcover

Our Woven Polypropylene Groundcovers are a great and affordable solution for suppressing weeds in your outdoor rows, greenhouses, orchards and nurseries. Our groundcover is UV stabilized for longevity and has excellent permeability to let air, water and nutrients through while blocking the light required for weeds to grow

Ground Cover Properties:

  • Fabric Weight – 3.2oz (108 gsm)
  • Weave Count – 24 x 11
  • Color – Black with Green Stripe every 12”
  • UV – 70% Retention after 2500 Hrs (ASTM D4355)

Roll Sizes:

  • 3ft x 300, 4ft x 300, 6ft x 300,
  • 10ft x 300, 12ft x 300, 15ft 6” x 300