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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some frequently asked questions that we get:

How do I take care of my clear vinyl panels?

We want these vinyl curtains to serve you for as long as possible, so we’ve included some tips for how to best take care of them.

Three Season Curtains
Our Vinyl Curtains are designed to serve you best during Fall, Winter & Spring and we recommend you remove them during the summer. Our clear vinyl has been manufactured to avoid shrinkage but best practice dictates not to leave them exposed to the summer sun, so we recommend that you completely remove them and put them back up again in the Fall. Failure to do this may lead to shrinkage and this will not be covered under our manufacturers warranty.

Wash Before Storing
We also recommend you wash the vinyl curtains with soap and water before removing them. Do not use ammonia-based products that will cloud the material. Special Vinyl Cleaner & Conditioner is also available for deeper cleaning and to add a protective coating on both sides, leaving a light gloss which make scratches less visible and protects against drying and cracking. Here’s a link to this product if you’d like to order some. Vinyl Cleaner

Folding and Storage
After you have removed the curtains, fold them or roll them and store them in a temperature-controlled environment like the basement or under a bed. When you put them back up again in September it’ll only take a few days of the Sun shining on the curtains before any lines disappear.

How long will the vinyl last for?

The curtains have 5 Years of UV protection and most customers who take good care of them (instructions above) can get at least 5 Years or more before needing them replaced.

Are my Curtains covered under any warranty?

Yes. At MIC, all of our custom outdoor vinyl curtains are covered under a 1 Year manufacturers warranty.  If there is any defect to be found on our materials and workmanship within 1 year of the purchase date, we will repair or replace, such defects to your satisfaction. This does not include damage resulting from environmental conditions that include, but are not limited to, high winds, stormy conditions and or shrinkage because the curtains have been left up during the summer months.

Are they made in Canada?

Yes. Our manufacturing facility is based in Burnaby, BC.

Are the Curtains Fire-Retardant?

Yes. Our clear vinyl is both UV protected and FR protected. Fire retardant simply means, when you remove the source of the fire, the flame will self-extinguish. Fire Retardant does not mean Fire-proof.

How will my curtains perform in Cold Weather?

Our clear vinyl has a cold crack resistance of -30 degrees but with a wind chill this drops to -15 degrees. Our experience so far tell us that our Vinyl Curtains perform really well during Canadian Winters.

How much wind can the curtains endure?

This is a tough question to answer, because it depends on wind speed, curtain size, attachment hardware, and temperature. All of these factors will affect the durability of your curtain in windy conditions and while our vinyl curtains are heavy duty enough to handle the wind, they are not storm proof. If the curtains remain closed during consistently high winds, the risk is the curtains may tear or break away from the attachment hardware and this would not be covered under any warranty.