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Custom Covers

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One of our specialties at Midland Industrial Covers is manufacturing custom covers and curtains for personal and or business applications. Our Custom Covers and curtains are made specific to your application and requirements and are available in a variety of colors and materials. We’ve custom manufactured boathouse door covers, industrial warehouse curtains, patio enclosures, replacement vinyl covers and lots of fun and exciting covers for the movie industry. Everything is made in Canada by our experienced team of seamstresses and vinyl fabrication technicians.

Multiple Materials & Colours to Choose From

We manufacture custom covers and curtains using any combination of the following; (click on the links for more information about each material):

  • Heavy Duty Vinyl – 18oz longest lasting & most popular manufactured tarp, available in 21 colours
  • Clear 20 gauge Vinyl – Provides UV protection and is waterproof, rot, mildew, oil grease, acid, scratch, tear and fire resistant, Available in reinforced clear also.
  • 14mil Fire Retardant Vinyl – Available in Yellow, Red Orange & Blue
  • PVC Monster Mesh – High quality 11oz PVC Mesh, available in 17 colours
  • Water Proof Canvas – Made from a High Quality duck filled cotton canvas and treated with a Water Proof coating
  • Fire Retardant Canvas – Made from a High Quality duck filled cotton canvas and treated with a Fire Resistant coating
  • Heavy Duty Poly Tarp – Assortment of industrial poly tarps in dark blue, white, or silver/black


Special Shapes & Non-Standard Sizes

Our team can custom manufacture any shape and size cover for you.

Whatever size or shape you need, we usually add at least 1″ to 2″ leeway to make it easier to pull-in and pull-out the covers.

For extra large covers, weight will be a consideration. You don’t want the cover or curtain to be too heavy to handle or to tear when mounted. Depending on the size and use, we’ll provide feedback on what weight of material we would recommend.

Webbing, Grommets, Pockets, and Fasteners.

All of our covers and curtains come with reinforced seatbelt webbing sewn around the perimeter and with grommets every 24 inches. We can also customize the spacing of the grommets to your exact requirements.

Besides grommets, we can also add other fastening options to help secure your cover such as, D-Rings, zippers, snaps, Velcro, and zippers.

For curtains, we also include a bottom pocket for a steel bar or we can sew in some steel chain for extra weight, to prevent the curtain from moving around.

Windows, Doors, and Sky Lights

If you’re needing to enclose or separate a space like a patio, a room, or a section of your warehouse, we can install windows, doors, or sky lights.

The solid vinyl and clear vinyl combination has become very popular for outdoor enclosures and for warehouse curtains. The solid vinyl is stronger and provides more privacy, while the clear vinyl adds visibility and lets the light through. Using clear vinyl essentially creates windows or sky lights, which can be any size and location. We can also add mesh to the windows for extra air flow or to keep bugs out when the window is rolled up.

A variety of doors can be installed to your covers to allow easier access. Doors can be opened through zippers, or rolled up and secured in place with velcro or a fastener.

Ships within 10-15 Business Days anywhere in Canada

To decrease our turnaround time, we’ve made an investment in specialized equipment and added a new team of seamstresses. From the day you confirm the details of your order, we will ship within 10 -15 business days depending on the size and quantity of your order and the time of year. (September to December is usually our busiest time).

How It Works

1. Send us information about your project:

  • What the cover will be used for
  • Measurements
  • Preferences for type of material and colours
  • Requests for add-on’s like grommets, zippers, fasteners, tie downs, doors, windows, or sky lights
  • Shipping address

2. We’ll send you a quote

Frank, David, or Sandy will respond to you within 24-48 hours with any clarifying questions or advice on how to design the custom cover to best suit your needs. Then they will send you a quote.

3. Order the custom cover

Let us know if you want to order the custom cover. We’ll request a 50% deposit to get the project started, and invoice the remaining 50% when the product is shipped.

Some of our past work


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