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15 Mil Vapour Barrier

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Our 15 mil Vapour Barrier is designed to withstand the toughest conditions and hold back any moisture from penetrating through the film.

Available in the following sizes:

  • 15mil – 20′ x 100′

Our 15mil CGSB certified Vapour barrier is a special purpose construction film to be used as a long lasting vapour barrier. It is designed to exceed the criteria specified in C.G.S.B. Standard CAN/CGSB-51 34-M86 & can be used under concrete slab or to protect any crawl space area.

Our Vapor Barrier is produced from Virgin polyethylene resin & comes with UV additives that prevent against premature degradation & ensure resistance to UV light.

Our Vapour Barriers are manufacturing in the United States, and meet or exceed the minimum physical property requirements set forth in the following U.S. specifications and standards:

  • National Bureau of Standards Voluntary Product Standard PS 17-69
  • Federal Specification LP 378D, Type 1, Class 1, Grade A, Finish 1
  • American Society for Testing and Materials ASTM D 4397-91 Standard Specification for Polyethylene Sheeting for Construction, Industrial, and Agricultural Applications
  • ASTM E-96-90, requiring that water vapor permeance shall be no greater than 1.40 grams per 100 square inches per 24 hours for film 1 mil thick, inversely proportional for other thicknesses. Expressed in perms, not to exceed:
    • .006” (6 Mil) 0.13 Perms
    • .010” (10 Mil) 0.076 Perms
    • .015” (15 Mil) 0.057 Perms
    • .020” (20 Mil) 0.038 Perms
  • ASTM C-156, Moisture Retention, requiring that loss of water will not exceed 0.055 G/CM2
  • ASTM D-882-91 Method A, requiring the following mechanical properties
    • Tensile Strength, psi – 1700 Lengthwise and 1200 Crosswise
    • Elongation, % – 350 Lengthwise and 225 Crosswise
  • Federal Specification LS-137, requiring no evidence of fungus growth
  • Minimum requirements set forth in Federal Specification UUP-147B and F.H.A. Bulletin UM20A
  • American Society for Testing and Materials, ASTM D2103-86
  • ASTM E154-68, Methods of Testing Materials for use as Vapor Barriers under Concrete Slabs and as a Ground Cover in Crawl Spaces
  • ASTM 4635-95, Standard Specification for Polyethylene Film for General Use and Packaging Applications