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Scaffold Mesh & Debris Netting

Our Scaffold Mesh and Debris Netting is a knitted mesh material commonly used for scaffolding enclosures, debris protection or wind screen.

Our Debris netting is made from high density polyethylene with built in UV inhibitors. The knitted mesh design provides containment of small and chunk debris and is highly tear resistant. Debris Netting prevents building materials from falling down, and minimizes the risk of possible hard to pedestrians or workers passing by below. All our Debris netting is tested and approved to meet the standards of the construction industry.

We also provide safety netting which provides falls protection.

Weight: 135 grams per sq. meter or .28lbs per sq. ft.

Colors: Available in Black, Green or Blue

Sizes: 6ft x 150ft, 10ft x 150ft or 10ft x 200ft.
Custom sizes can also be manufactured.

Shade Factor: 51%